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November 2009
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Ahmed Rasheed

އެންމެ ގިނައިން ބެލި ލިޔުންތައް


An Air Traffic Control Officer by profession, I have been in aviation industry in the Maldives since 2006. I am an employee of Maldives Airports Company ltd and presently working at Laamu Kadhdhoo Air Traffic Control Unit. As an Air Traffic Control Officer, I have been doing my duties (Air Traffic Control Officer’s work plus Unit In-charge) sincerely and always trying to improve the ATC Unit. In addition of working in the aviation industry, I had also worked in the Education Field as a teacher of Laamu Atoll Education Centre from the year 2000 till the beginning of 2006. I was doing Secondary English Teaching when I left the training in 2006. After serving the Education field for nearly 6 years, I had to leave the field due some personal reasons. That was in September 2006. In June 2007, I was sent to Bangkok in a group of six, for the Air Traffic Controller License and Aerodrome Control Rating Course at Civil Aviation Training Centre, Thailand. After completing the course, we were posted to respective domestic airports as in our job agreement. During my term in Laamu Atoll Education Centre, I was teaching for the primary grades, especially English Language. In my teaching career, I had worked earnestly keeping a promise in my mind to improve the English standard of the students as well as to reform the way of teaching English for the primary grades. Today; I see many students achieving higher grades from the international examinations and I am honored that I was a teacher who had put a helping hand in laying the foundation for them. In my capacity as teacher, I was deeply involved in the process of teaching and co-curricular activities as well. Although I had left the teaching career and Laamu Atoll Education Centre, I have volunteered myself to help and serve L.A.E.C within my capacity and capability. I started blogging in January 2009. I used my blog to chronicle the work I do for L.A.E.C in particular and for the community in general and bring news from the school campus and important news within or beyond the country. Hopefully, I will be able to share my thoughts and be a volunteer for L.A.E.C in the days ahead. I will be grateful for your reaction as “YOUR COMMENTS WILL WORK AS A CATALYST AND IMBUE MY BLOG”. Thank you.

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Hesbania in early autumn

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